Set up @Kramladen / 17.3.18

February '18 - Studiotime..working on the new tracks

February '18 - "Outlaw"_snipped version

October 2017 |On to the new sounds and atmospheres :)

13.10.17 - Tonight back in business ;)

Meanwhile here.. August & September 2017

7.8.17 | Back in the Studio - New stuff on the way :)

"Blend and a white Night" - Releasegig 27.7.17 & Galerie Bar Bad Goisern_28.7.17

27.7.17 - Happy Releaseday with "Moving on"

26 days to go for "moving on" :) - stay tuned!

9.6.17 | Snapshot of today's Photoshoot :)

Upcoming Releasegig "Blend and a white night" | 27.7.17

February 2017 - so happy to be part of this great season!

January 2017 -Just had a very good rehearsal weekend :)

December 2016 | "Dreams" - the first song of our upcoming EP "moving on" is out now!



Studio work is hard work...but also fun work
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Behind the scenes of today's fotoshoot!

©Christian NOVY Novak


September 2016 - Freies Radio Freistadt - "Everyday" könnt ihr ab jetzt auch übers Radio hören :)

Während Eliana in Rio ihre skills improved und Christian in Wien und Mona in Münster fleißig booken, wird unsere erste EP "Everyday" im Freien Radio Freistadt gespielt! Tune in guys! :)
#dontmissthemusic #blendmusic #everydayep #freiesradiofreistadt


Juli 2016 -                                                                                                                                                              Musik kennt keine Ferien! Wir waren heute wieder fleißig am Proben für die kommenden Wochen & Monate :)        this is gonna be BIG! ‪                                                                                                                                            #‎blendmusic‬ ‪#‎electrosoulpop‬ ‪#‎ep2017‬ ‪#‎vienna‬ ‪#‎summer2016‬

Studioweek 11.7. - 14.7.16 | This week we recorded three songs for our upcoming EP "Moving on", which will be released in May 2017 :)

March 2016 - Blend is back @ work

What a year 2015! From Vienna to Steyr to Munich to Muenster!                                                                               Be ready for 2016 - cause we are too :)                                                                                                             #blend #blendmusic #soulpop #singersongwriter #vienna #muenster #ep2017

Yeey - back in the rehearsal room today! New things are coming...stay tuned ;)

Hier gibt's unser Interview zum nachlesen...und auch zum nachhören on air:)

Hafen Open Air 2015 - we really had a blast! Thanks for inviting us! :)

Two days to go - we're so excited, yeah! :)

Wir hatten heute Morgen ein nettes Interview mit Christoph Hoehl von der Wiener Bezirkszeitung :) Wir haben ueber das kommende Hafen Open Air, zukuenftige Plaene und Ziele von Blend gesprochen!

Back in the Studio today - be ready for some new stuff!

Blend verzaubert das Publikum ...

Our first official Music Video is out now! Hope you like it! :)

EP-Releaseparty & Touring